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DAMAGED is a compilation of eight short stories, five vignettes and a novella. Most of the works pertain to men and women suffering from PTSD related to traumatic incidences encountered in law enforcement or war time situations. The novella, Pony Lake, is a bitter-sweet love story that takes place in the fictitious town of Herronville, PA during the American Civil War. Those readers who have read my previous novels, Ambush and Gamble will be treated to some of the back stories
of those novels and meet some of their favorite, or in some cases, notorious characters from those books.


Von Crocker returns in GAMBLE, which is a for the most part a sequel to AMBUSH. However, Crocker is now retired and he and his wife have become compulsive gamblers. While he and his wife both work as they strive to keep their heads above water from certain financial ruin, Crocker's wifeis contacted by an one of Crocker's old DEA friends who is working in Afghanistan as an American contractor at a police academy. She is able to convince him to join his friend, Louie, in a last
ditch effort to save them from bankruptcy. His time in Kabul gives the reader an insight to the life of the Afghan people and of those who fight and die in a country that seems to be unwanted by most, but becomes a part of all those who have visited or lived there for any amount of time.


Ambush is the story of a young soldier, Von Crocker, serving in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War in 1970 and a Senior Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent-- however, both are the same person. The reader is able to follow both characters as their lives parallel each other. The young Crocker who is coerced into smuggling drugs by his senior officers, and then watch as his life spins out of control as he is confronted with his own men being accused of smuggling drugs and maybe more. AMBUSH is a cliff hanger and promises to keep you guessing what is coming next!