Retired Dea Special Agent Von Crocker and his wife are already in dire financial straits when they make the fateful decision to gamble their last two hundred dollars at a casino. Now on the fringe of bankruptcy, Von Crocker has no choice but to accept an offer to become a government contractor in Kabul, Afghanistan. Once Crocker arrives in Afghanistan, he is confronted with a whole new set of obstacles which includes some of the most wayward individuals he has ever encountered along with the unfamiliar customs of Afghan life, religion and culture. After settling in, he begins penning journals directed to Ernest Hemingway that share his startling revelations regarding death, love, patriotism, and those who fight and make the ultimate sacrifice in war. As his tour continues, Crocker's entries vividly describe the dangers he encounters while living among those who must struggle everyday to survive. But it is not until he finally returns home after his tour that he discovers whether it was a lesson learned. . .


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